Current Customers

Currently, NGN Contact Center provides services to several companies in the North American market (USA and Canada), England and Mexico. Mainly our services are focused on Customer Service, Order Taking and Lead Generation. Our agents are 100% bilingual, and the service is provided in both Spanish and English.

Some of the major industries that we currently serve are:

  • Several energy companies on the east coast of the United States (Orders Taking and customer service). 
  • Accounting Franchises (Lead Generation).
  • Companies in the construction sector (Appointment Scheduling for Inspectors and Repairs)
  • Comunication Companies (Lead Generation).
  • Advertising and marketing Franchises (Portfolio Generation and Appointment Scheduling).
  • Companies in the financial sector (Portfolio Generation and Scheduling Appointments for their representatives).
  • Health sector. Patient monitoring, coordinating agendas, appointment settings.
  • Online Jewelry stores: catalog sales and order taking