Working for us is an ADVENTURE


Those who begin their career as service agents, can advance to higher level positions and higher salaries: supervisors and coordinators, among other positions are available for advancement. You just have to show interest and good performance, as well as having an excellent level of communication ( Spanish and / or English ) and the best attitude.

For those who have not worked in a contact center, it can be a unique experience that opens the doors to the demanding labor market and fills you with knowledge to deal with any subsequent challenge in life.

Working for NGN Contact Center allows you to interact with many people, which strengthens you in your personal skills, getting used to do the job properly, which also strengthens your ability to improve things, encouraging your participation in the creation of best practices.

Almost without realizing it, every day as you work for NGN Contact Center you become a better professional with superior skills to the rest of the competition.

Working for NGN Contact Center SAS stimulates your...

A sense of urgency is the attitude and treatment of key process business or personal matters. It is the determination to stay focused on the results and the time until the task or project is completed. .

Interpersonal relationships are the set of contacts that we humans, as social beings, have with other people. It is learning to interact with others while respecting their space and accepting everyone as they are, flaws and virtues, remembering that our rights end where others begin. .

It is an attitude in which the subject actively assumes full control of their behavior, which implies taking initiative in the development of creative and bold actions to generate improvements..

A responsible person is one who consciously acts, being the direct or indirect cause of an event that occurred. He/She is required to account for anything or anyone. He/She is also the one that fulfills its obligations or that puts care and attention on what does or decides.