Advanced Traits

  • Ability to provide services both nationally and internationally.
  • Integrated structure: Simple view of customer information. Allows us to create simple but effective views of customer information. This scenario is used as the core technology
  • Business Intelligence: Analyzes and monitors customer's interactions , and in turn makes a detailed analysis of the use by customers .
  • Notification Services: Provides a platform for automatically distributing and personalizing customer notifications: Voice , Email, SMS, etc.
  • Digital Voice Recording.
  • External CRM/ERP etc. integration using standar API's.
  • Adaptive predictive dialing, automatic preview, manual and progressive preview; operates multiple campaigns simultaneously , Call Blending , automatic processing of failed calls .
  • Our office is located on a sismic resistant facilities.
  • Fault Tolerant Servers.
  • Data Protection.
  • Automated Daily Data Backup.
  • Telephone service lines and redundant data lines with multiple failsafe procedures.