Inbound Solutions


Our Agents are ready to take the calls as they come in. Our goal is always First Contact Resolution, nothing less.

Some examples of Inbound Services are:

  • Customer Service Lines: Resolve customer questions, complaints or processes for your organization
  • Sales Marketing Support (Sales/Cross Sales/Upsale): Taking the brunt of a sales marketing effor with Cross Sales and Upsales capabilities
  • Reservation Center
  • Hot Lines: Provides information about a Company, Product or Service for your Company
  • Help Desk: Gives your users a central place to receive all the help they need about your product or services
  • Off Hours Services: We are here to help your customers when you are resting.
  • Payment Processing / Third Party Verification
  • Order Taking
  • Seminars, Conferences and Shows reservations.
  • Emergency Services and Dispatch.

Inbound Services can benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Higher Sales Volume lowering your TCO
  • Higher Income. We can handle higher call volumes so you do not have to
  • We can help you reduce your cost per resolution.
  • Higher Qualified Leads.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction.
  • Wider Customer Reach: We can also serve the Hispanic Comunity for you.

This is one of the most widely used BPO form in the world today.

Bilingual Services

Is your company prepared to service one of the fastes growing market segment of our economy? The Hispanic consumers and businesses appreciate those companies that communicate with them in their own language. This adds value and loyalty for your company. Many of our agents are fully bilingual with a neutral Spanish accent.

Lower Costs

We lower our costs of our solutions by having the right human factor to always target First Contact Resolution. Also, we implement advanced technology which allows us to handle more calls effectively. For example, we may use automated systems (IVR) to handle the most common elements of the call transfers to third parties when necessary, minimizing the time and cost.


Instead of expecting your company to fit our business model, we build our solutions specifically to your needs. We offer solutions that increase your profits, while reducing costs, helping your business grow positively.

Examples of Some of Our Solutions