Appointment Setting


Our Appointment Setting solutions are a cost effective way to cover any geographic area and get your sales team face to face with potential customers who are interested on your services or products. By using the most advanced technology, our agents can connect with more potential customers per hour. Our team is trained to effectively prospecting, carefully listening to the clues of what a prospect is interested on and ready to deal with common objections while remaining friendly and courteous .

Our team of professional sales agents will make that initial contact for you, explaining your services, setting appointments and collecting customer information and then deliver it to you or your sales team.            

Want to send your information to customers about a promotion before you get there?

In addition, we can send an informative e-mail package to support your campaign on your behalf.

Some of Our Solutions

  • Appointment
  • Direct Business
  • Direct Consumers
  • Messaging
  • Lead Generation
  • Surveys
  • Subscriptions