Quality Control


Not all people can talk and communicate a message in a professional and effective manner. To ensure that we always comply with the highest standards, we use a strict recruitment and training process for our agents.


The profile of our agents are experienced people, mostly college graduates, trained in customer service and continuous training in vocalization and pronunciation.


At the same time, we have established quality control procedures, including silent monitoring of our agents and digital call recording. Which leads to a continuous feedback and training.


Another advantage is that the staff from your company that you authorize, can review the digital recordings of any call or directly can listen live to any staff member who is serving in your name.


Additionally, we have a great experience with data protection regulations , therefore, one of our most important guidelines is the protection of your data. The data stored in our CRM systems must be transmitted safely to your company storage systems if need be. If you do not have this infrastructure , NGN Contact Center can safely store them until they become available.