Healthcare Sector


How Can This Help Me?

These services are designed to provide a direct and specific support to companies operating in the health sector, to positively impact their risk management and improve its image, ensuring timely response and accurate guidance on the various services offered by them through the communication and response given to their patients. Like any other industry, maintaining regular and relevant contact with patients and stakeholders is a key market strategy today.

Among Others We Provide:

  • Promotion and Prevention Campaigns.
  • Public Interest Health Campaigns (i.e. vaccination).
  • General and Specialist Medical Appointments.
  • Schedule and Calendar Management for Independent Freelancers.
  • Emergency Lines.
  • General Customer Service.
  • Information about products and services.
  • Patient follow-ups and postoperative follow-ups.
  • Referral and Counter-Referral of patients.
  • Chronic patient programs.
  • Order taking and dispatch of medications.

Vertical Solutions