Pharmaceutical Sector


How Can This Help Me?

Today NGN Contact Center can create patient loyalty campaigns, pharmacovigilance studies in distribution of free samples, weight control in the treatment of obesity, patient recruitment for clinical trials, in shifts management, etc. .

Not to mention the conventional uses outgoing cold calling, quality control, customer contact or incoming call to customer care for third parties.

Patient Recruitment Campaigns

In our current market, characterized by high competition among physicians to recruit patients, we are an effective tool to launch recognition programs. Through massive advertising to patients, these are instructed to call a number for information. There, they are given general guidance, describing the benefits and redirecting them to program participants. We can also arrange interviews with professionals at the same time. The professionals at the end of the day consult the agenda, updating the data as needed. This way, we can recall patients as needed, and take new appointments with confidence.

The patient database which is generated as a result of this campaign can be later reused for tracking products and related services.

In OTC products, our agents can be trained to answer simple medical questions, being supervised at all times by a responsible professional.

Vertical Solutions