Who Are We

We are a leader company with over 27 years of international experience in BPO. We entered the market in 2012, using the latest methodologies and technologies. It is our commitment is to treat each company and each and every one of our interactions with the utmost professionalism. NGN Contact Center is an strategic ally to reach your goals and meet the challenges of day to day operations. We are an interactive contact center, which allows the integration of different areas of the company to receive and deliver information to customers, designed to locate, conquer, convince, sell, collect, develop, investigate, and retain loyalty.

We are focused, among other things on the following goals for your company:

•      Reaching Your Customers: NGN Contact Center delivers first class customer service, through timely responses and professional call handling and virtual interactions including social media and the full range of technologies available on Internet. This results in increased customer loyalty.

•      Reduce Costs: By using resources more efficiently, we ensure optimum utilization of infrastructure and a much more attractive costs control.

•      Generate Income: When processing calls and electronic services with high levels of service, NGN Contact Center will help drive new profits in your business and develop new revenue streams.


So when you think about your customers, think about NGN Contact Center to help you get to them in a timely and efficient manner.


Advanced Characteristics

Vertical Markets